After the Venice Commission's negative conclusion on the Russian Law and its strict recommendation for its recall, Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze spoke about "hostility" from the West, citing "concrete facts" to support his claim.

"It is enmity when the West finances a revolutionary scenario.

It is hostile when the West funds various organizations that are directly involved in polarization.

We need partners, friends. For someone to look down on us, to make us do something that is against the interests of the country, such an attitude is unacceptable. If someone wants to open a second front, they have the Baltic countries to open a front. Let's leave Georgia alone and leave," Kaladze said at the meeting of the Tbilisi government.

The General Secretary of Georgian Dream appealed to European partners, stating that they are the first to discredit Europe.

"A few days ago, the Foreign Minister of one country took part in an anti-government rally. Is this normal? Is this our self-respect? If they had done it in a normal, developed country, what would have happened to that Foreign Minister? Make war in your country and organize a second front in your country. Let’s leave Georgia alone. We need to keep peace today. The attitude that our country is used for someone's interests and the situation here is the same as in Ukraine will not work," said Kakha Kaladze.

The Venice Commission prepared an urgent opinion regarding the Russian Law and published it on May 21. The 24-page document concludes with categorical advice to the Georgian authorities to repeal the law in its current form, as its fundamental flaws will lead to significant negative consequences in terms of the right to association and freedom of expression, privacy, the right to participate in public activities, and the prohibition of discrimination. The Georgian Dream is not going to take into account the recommendation of the Venice Commission. Georgian Dream believes that the conclusion of the Venice Commission was "written by influence" and that this "platform was used to make biased political assessments, instead of professional reasoning."

The Georgian Parliament adopted the Russian Law on so-called Foreign Agents in the third and final reading at the May 14 plenary session. 84 deputies supported it, and 30 were against it. Georgian Dream plans to overcome the President's veto next week.

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