"Sakartvelos Ambebi" is an independent, online publication that offers its readers fact-based, unbiased news, analytical and investigative content media product.

The mission of "Sakartvelos Ambebi" is to help to strengthen democratic values by providing reliable and quality information, to make informed choices by society, protecting fundamental human rights and freedoms, and forming an open and pluralistic society.

"Sakartvelos Ambebi" prioritizes the coverage of regions, including the occupied territories and areas inhabited by ethnic minorities. Sakartvelosambebi.ge distributes information in four languages - Georgian, Armenian, Azerbaijani and English.

"Sakartvelos Ambebi" is part of the Information Resources Network (IRN). Other network products include:

  • Mtisambebi.ge - The only media resource in Georgia focused on high mountain regions. "Mtis Ambebi" creates the first precedent of constructive journalism in the country, follows the topics to the end and tries to bring about changes through journalistic activities. Active civil mobilization through advocacy campaigns started with citizens.
  • Mountainstories.ge – English language version of mtisambebi.ge
  • Kakhetiinfo.ge - Kakheti Information Center covers the news of the Kakheti region through daily news and multimedia reports online.
  • Radioway.ge Pankisi Community Radio operating under the umbrella of the Information Resources Network, broadcasts in the Akhmeta Municipality on the frequency FM 101.1 in Georgian and Kist (Chechen) languages.

In 2013-2022, the Information Resources Network received several local and international awards, including those of the European Union, the European Journalism Center, Joshua Friedman and GIPA, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), the Public Defender's office, the Media Development Foundation, the Council of Religious Minorities, The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics Awards.

The editors and journalists of the Information Resources Network share and adhere to the principles of the Charter of Journalistic Ethics of Georgia.

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