According to the information of Mountain Stories, the natural calamity in Shovi resort has claimed victims. Information has been confirmed that the border police officers removed one body from the disaster zone. The victim has not been identified yet.

Mountain Stories tried to confirm reports that two more bodies were found. The Ministry told us they will clarify the information.

As a result of the rescue operation, about 70 citizens in the disaster zone were transferred to a safe area. Border police helicopters have already made 3 runs. The rescue operation is still ongoing.

At 21:30, the Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed that the bodies of 2 people were found in Shovi.

The landslide occurred on August 3, around 15:15, triggering a mudslide in the valley. The cataclysm was developing for more than an hour. Hotels and cottages in the resort area are built in the floodplain, which has been fully consumed by the flood. Several small cottages were destroyed, hotels were damaged, and cars were swept away by the flood.

The rescue operation in the disaster area started with a 3-hour delay. The bridges on the only road leading to Shovi have been washed away by the mudslide. The rescuers were able to reach the disaster site only with the helicopters of the border police.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection had not warned the population of the expected cataclysm.

The National Environmental Agency only now reports that from the end of the day on August 3 to August 5, in some mountainous regions of Western Georgia and Eastern Georgia (especially Kakheti and Mtskheta-Mtianeti), short rain, strong in some places, lightning, hail, and wind are expected.

The expected heavy rains may cause floods on the small rivers of Georgia, and the conception and triggering of landslides in the mountainous areas of the country.

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