Ahead of the parliamentary elections on October 26, the government is set to raise the salaries of public school teachers. Starting from July 1, a new salary scheme will be put into effect, ensuring that at least 37,000 teachers receive a salary increase of at least 500 GEL.

As stated by the Ministry of Education, there are currently more than 52,000 teachers in the system. On average:

  • Salary increases by 500 GEL will benefit up to 21,000 teachers.
  • 600 GEL raises will apply to 8,000 teachers.
  • 700 GEL increases will be given to 5,000 teachers.
  • 800 GEL increases will affect 3,000 teachers, comprising more than 70% of all teachers.

Approximately 25% of teachers will see their salaries increase by 300 to 400 GEL. About 5% of teachers will experience an increase of at least 200 GEL.

Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze described this as a "significant increase" in wages that will ultimately have a positive impact on the general education system and the quality of education.

"This is certainly a step that must be taken towards further developing the education system, with reforms set to continue over the next four years. Both general and higher education sectors will remain key priorities of our reforms," Kobakhidze stated during today's government meeting.

Based on data from the National Statistics Service, as of the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year, there were 57 586 teachers in Georgia's public schools.

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